We adore languages, and food, and drink; especially food and drink that converses in other languages. Because let’s face it – as much as we all love our mum’s traditional cooking, don’t we wish we could rustle up a scrumptious Spanish paella, mouthwatering Moroccan tagine, or Tasty Thai chicken noodle soup and wash it down with an adventurous glass of saucy Sicilian red or beautiful Belgian lager?

Here we’ll show you how with recipes whispered in our ears by the finest local cooks from around europe– while regaling our tales of translation trouble and linguistic lunacy. It’s like a dinner party – where everyone is invited, a world of dishes are served and the table is the size of Europe.

el bulli restaurant Spain, molecular food

So we like language and food? Well that’s just for starters! Why don’t you gorge yourself on our specials board of culinary carnivals from around the world? there’s dishes for everyone and from everywhere here and if you happen to find yourself at one of these extraordinary celebrations of munch… let us know! Sharing is caring, as they say in Tapas bars!

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