Finding the Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Blueberry-Pancakes-824x466Although the media may make us all think otherwise, the majority of people keep themselves healthy. Whether that is by eating a balanced diet, taking supplements, or exercising, it is not really that difficult to do. One thing that many medical experts agree on is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who miss breakfast tend to suffer from higher rates of fatigue, it also means sugar levels can be low, and this results in the brain being less focused. Studies of school children have shown that those who had breakfast tended to learn more than those who did not.

The big problem with breakfast is that most people tend to fill a bowl with cereal, put sugar on it, and then add milk. Although this is a quick way of getting some essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients into the body, it is not actually the best food to begin the day with. Especially as some cereals are full of preservatives and sugar. This is why it is much better to put together your own. For this you need to have healthy breakfast recipes available at My Healthy Living Coach. By doing this you can guarantee yourself a good nutritious breakfast.

So, where is the best place to find these healthy breakfast recipes? In the old days you would have to either buy a book or look through a number of magazines. Thanks to the internet though, finding these recipes has become much easier. However, after saying that, it is not a good idea to just do a generic search and use the first recipes that you find, they may not actually be any good. This is why it is important to do some research, and then make a list of the decent recipes that you find.

Rather than looking at things like magazine websites, it is best to start searching on forums that concentrate on muscle building, and sports such as athletics. This is because the people who participate in these need to start the day with the correct nutrients and energy levels in order to perform at their best for the rest of the day. You can either search on these forums, or ask a question, and those in the know will likely direct you to the best place to find recipes.

Another place to find recipes is on official health sites with the recipes supplied by a dietician, not a nutritionist. Most people tend to not know the difference between these titles as they are both to do with food. A dietician has had many years of training in food and health, and will have qualifications to prove it. A nutritionist on the other hand can be anyone, as no qualifications or experience is required.

More healthy recipes should include energy supplies such as oats and bananas, as well as other fruit. Making your own juice or smoothies can be a good idea, and will be healthier than store purchased ones. By starting each day with a good breakfast, you are setting yourself up for a healthy life.


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