Makers Of Organic Cocktails Want To Create A Full 1930s Experience

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CaptureHello! We’d like to tell you about Belles Organics Cocktails, replacing the ready to drink cocktail. As a Family Owned & Operated Brand, Belles offers all the right makings for an American Success Story. The people behind Belles are very dedicated to providing a high quality responsibly manufactured Craft Cocktail that tastes great if you simply give it a really good shake, twist the top, and pour over ice!

Creating their delicious Cocktails organically wasn’t even a second thought, as that’s all they would serve their guests at the Belles venue. Belles plans to build out a full 1930’s Jazz Cabaret Dinner Theatre that offers the “full lifestyle experience” to its guests. Even the powder rooms will include the full Belles Experience, complete with hand crafted vanities for guests to touch up their lipstick!

The Dinner Theatre will feature the Official Belles performing live on the stage night after night with a full “Big Band” The Shimmies. The Belles team is led by a very well equipped and classically trained Jazz Musician and Musical Theatre extraordinaire, Danii! The shows will be fresh, entertaining, high quality, and true to the era night after night!

This month the creators of Belles Organics, started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help them raise $50,000 in order to put together a professionally drafted business plan and concept presentation in order to meet with qualified investors needed to create their 1930s themed tasting room. So be a part of this groundbreaking new and innovative venue and visit the Belles Organics campaign page here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of the this award winning Organic Craft Cocktail.

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One thought on “Makers Of Organic Cocktails Want To Create A Full 1930s Experience

    chrisb-jwordsandimages said:
    December 8, 2014 at 11:42 am

    Sound lovely, but I don’t suppose they’re available in England. The entertainment side will be great I’m sure.

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