Quality Cakes at an Affordable Price

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CaptureHello! We’d like to tell you about a master baker and his great plan to make quality wedding cakes at an affordable price. Sam has been been doing wedding cakes for 30 years. Sam is able to keep his wedding cakes affordable because he only deals with buttercream, has two kinds of cake, and two kinds of fillings. Nearly all of his cakes are one size, because that one size accommodates about 80% of all wedding cakes, he is able to accommodate a lot of weddings.

Sam is situated near two universities; BYU and UVU, in Utah county.  His $275 price is like music to the ears of couples getting married. So what Sam needs is a proper bakery that will allow him to keep up with the high demand of high quality affordable wedding cakes. After the bakery is finished Sam may need to hire help to keep up with the demand which in turn will add jobs to the local market. So lets help get this bakery underway so Sam can start providing this great service to his community as soon as possible.

This month Sam started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. His crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help him start repairing a building he plans to turn into a bakery, buy a variety of commercial baking equipment needed so he can meet the demand required, and update his website. So be a part of this master bakers plan to bring beautiful yet affordable wedding cakes to his community, and visit Sam’s campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the baker of these fine cakes.

Media Contact:

Crowd PR Guru

Email: Guru@CrowdPRguru.com

Phone: (800) 401-2238  Ext. 2


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