Lovelies Cheese Bread

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monamour bakeryIf you have been looking for a quick snack that is affordable, delicious and even healthy for you then you need to check out this new product from Monamour Bakery. Monamour Bakery makes Lovelies Gluten-free cheese breads, this cheese bread happens to not only be delicious, but it is nutritious, affordable and ready in 5-min. Now we will all have the ability to make and serve mouth watering cheese bread at a moments notice.

The creators of Lovelies built a wholesale bakery because they want to reach as many people as possible and share their gluten-free recipes. After a few months at Farmers Markets the Lovelies creators have been offered the opportunity to sell at over 100 locations from next Spring 2015 at many major natural stores.

Right now Monamour Bakery has a campaign on Kickstarter found here. There you can contribute to the Lovelies Cheese Bread campaign so we can see this awesome new bread that has so much potential come to life.


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