Pouring on the Olive Oil for Thanksgiving

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downloadThanksgiving is not all about large cuts of turkey or usual side dishes such as mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, celery sticks and others. It is also about interesting dressings on salads with healthy oils like Olimila Signature Ascolano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The use of EVOO has been an interesting thing for many occasional cooks since the oil is believed to give better taste with dishes that are prepared for the occasion. There are many people who are asking about some tips on how they can make use of their EVOO properly during the holidays and make it possible to improve the flavor of every dish.

Basically, Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for various dishes. From the basic marinade of your turkey to the dressings of your favorite salads, your EVOO can be used in various ways. All you have to do is to get some tips on how you can make the most of the oil and make it possible to use it just the way it is recommended and everything will be handled properly. Once you get familiar of how to make use of EVOO the right way, you will definitely find the ease of making your thanksgiving as special as how you want it to be.

Most of the time, cooks prefer to use the magical unfiltered and fresh Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil because of the intact flavor of the fruit in the oil. EVOO is a great choice for cooks wanting to get rich flavor of the fruit, yet they tend to make use of lower classes of olive oil for cooking as EVOO can lose its flavors when it is heated. This is the main reason why there are cooks who only uses real Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings and marinades.

Some of the great recipes that you can try with using EVOO are the following:

  • Crispy aubergine and mozzarella with a classic tomato sauce

This is a recipe where you can use the Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Sun Dried Tomato, Parmesan, Garlic for the added tomato and parmesan flavor on your sauce or the Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Garden Fresh Basil for that extra hint of basil flavor on the crispy aubergine with the mozzarella.

  • Fresh pasta with griddled asparagus and a lemon and breadcrumb topping

With this recipe you can make use of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Lusty Meyer Lemon for extra zesty flavor on the griddled asparagus and also with the toppings. You can drizzle some of the oil in the mixture or just substitute the plain EVOO and lemon with this oil to get the flavor that you want.

These are just some of the recipes that you can try with the use of EVOO and you can prepare for the thanksgiving celebration. If you want to get any of the mentioned EVOOs, try visiting Olimila Gourmet Emporium to get a good selection of various extra virgin olive oils.

Also if you love all things olive oil, gourmet and foodie then you should watch Olimila Gourmet’s show “The EVOO Show” on YouTube. They have new episodes every week.


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