10 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee

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coffeeCoffee is much loved. It’s both the second most consumed drink in the world (after water of course), and the second most traded commodity after oil as well. Even though we all know and love that familiar taste, there’s lots about coffee that many of simply don’t know. There are plenty of coffee shops for sale up and down the country, but if you’re looking to get involved in the industry (or if you’re just coffee lover in general), it can be useful to know more about that little bean (first clue – it’s not actually a bean!)

  1. Coffee was discovered in the 9th century by goats

This is more of a legend than a fact, but rumour has it, the world’s favourite drink was discovered by goats. In Ethiopia (still one of the biggest coffee producing countries), shepherds noticed the effects of a little red berry which, when consumed by goats, seemed to make them more lively than usual. That caffeine buzz is now very much appreciated by millions of commuters every Monday morning!

  1. It hasn’t always been a drink

Obviously in coffee shops for sale, you’ll be planning on selling the much loved beverage, but this isn’t the only form that coffee has been appreciated in over the years. Much like the goats, coffee was originally eaten and not drank. The berries were combined with fat in order to create edible balls of energy.

  1. Coffee is still most popular at breakfast

Coffee shops for sale will fine they get visitors throughout the day, every day. Many people drink coffee at all hours, and as an after dinner treat as well. Even though this is the case, the majority of all coffee consumption happens at breakfast. There’s more than 1400 million cups drunk around the world, so we have a suspicion that some of you will be having more than one a day, and maybe even more than one at breakfast!

  1. Espresso isn’t a type of coffee

It’s actually how it’s prepared. If you’re looking at coffee shops for sale it will be very important for you to know how to make a great espresso shot, because this intense coffee hit is the base of so many coffee shop favourites. If you can’t get the base quite right then the rest of the drink won’t taste quite right either.

There are plenty more lesser known coffee facts out there, and we’d love to hear any more you might have heard!


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