Nutrition for Optimal Health

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headshot-for-bioUnderstanding nutrition is no easy feat. With such a massive amount of information and advice on the topic, it can be difficult to know who and what to trust! At the very essence, nutrition is a science but having said that, everybody is different and what works for one person in terms of dieting may not work for someone else. However, there are certain principles that, when adhered to properly, can have positive results for everyone! One of the healthiest ways to lose weight and improve overall health, is to choose a wholesome plant-based diet.

Wellness warrior and yogi, Julie Montagu, has recently created a new e-learning portal, The Flexi Foodie Academy. The first course available – Nutrition for Optimal Health – aims to teach people about plant-based and natural foods. She has made this course with the aim of educating people as to how they can easily revolutionize their eating habits with just a few simple and progressive changes. This in turn promotes better health and a generally improved quality of life. Our health affects everything we do and has a huge impact on the things we are capable of doing so ensuring we stay as healthy as possible should always be a priority.

The first course, Nutrition for Optimal Health, is broken up into five modules – Whole Grains, Natural Sweeteners, Unrefined Oils, Green Leafy Vegetables and Superfoods. Each module is then broken down into easy to consume sections that incorporate text, images and video. Once you’ve completed each module, you are presented with a quiz to test your knowledge and also given five recipes which use the ingredients that you have just learnt about.

This comprehensive course is a great way for those looking to learn the basics of healthy eating and can quickly have you on track to better health.


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