The Changing Face of Cuisine!

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panda_expressWhether it’s Indian, Chinese or one of many others, everybody has a favorite kind of food. For some people, their dish of preference can change with their mood or depend on the situation. For example, a delicious Indian curry and a beer go hand in hand with watching the football and an Italian dish is perfect for a romantic night out. However, when eating out in a restaurant, how likely is it that the food you’re consuming is actually typical of the traditional cuisine of that country?

As more and more restaurants open, all offering various cuisines, it is becoming more prevalent that the foods they provide are more of a fusion of cultures. This doesn’t make the dining experience any less enjoyable and certainly doesn’t make the meal any less delicious! For many people, having a less traditional twist on a recipe actually makes for a better meal.

Panda Express are a chain of restaurants who are embracing this trend. Everything on the menu is inspired by dishes from the far east but they have tailored the recipes to appeal to the average American consumer. This means that when you dine with them, you are have the choice of a wide range of traditional Chinese dishes, but all of them are altered in some way to have more of an American feel. This variation comes from the oils the food is cooked in, the ingredients that are included and even the way that the food is presented. Click to check out the Panda Express menu!

The concept of foods fusing together to form something of a hybrid meal is one that has increased with popularity as more and more people are encouraged to try new things. The advantage of restaurants that provide this type of meal is that people who are perhaps a little cynical to dishes that they are not familiar with are more likely to try something new.

This idea of the foods of certain cultures coming together to form a whole new recipe is one that is set to continue and many venues now even offer several dishes from multiple places together. This is great if you are stuck for ideas on where to go as you don’t have to make your mind up until you get there! For example, you could have an Asian dish and the person you are dining with could have something European! As the way we eat contines to evolve, more and more meals become available for those who want to try them.


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