What is the Appeal of Party Food?

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canapes_deliveredWhenever you go to a party you’ll head over to see what food is available at one point or another. This article examines just why it is that we find party food so appealing – and there is more than one answer.

When was the last time you attended a party? The chances are good that whenever it was, you probably indulged in some party nibbles while you were there. Most parties have canapés or finger food of some kind. A buffet is usually the easiest way to cater for everyone and to let people help themselves. So what is the appeal?

Many of us don’t attend parties on a regular basis. We also don’t tend to eat party food unless we are actually at a party; you wouldn’t plan this type of food for your family at home except for rare occasions. You might do it over the festive season for a change, for example. This means we tend to enjoy it and remember it because we don’t eat this kind of food very often.

We also get a chance to try things we may not usually eat. Party dishes tend to be easy to eat and very small in size – normally just a bite or two. You’re likely to be standing talking with people and the last thing you want is to try and balance a glass of wine, a plate with food on it and a fork all in one go. If you’ve tried it you’ll know it’s impossible. If you are able to pick up something and pop it straight into your mouth you’ll have the chance to satiate your appetite and try a few new bites as well.

Of course there is a huge variety of food you could try at a party. Sometimes you may get a basic buffet with a selection of crudités and dips, cheese and biscuits, sandwiches and other familiar sights. At the other end of the scale are tasty snacks such as canapés, provided for the host by a professional chef. This means you could attend several different parties and never see the same buffet layout twice. Having canapés delivered provides an altogether different appearance and taste sensation when compared to a traditional spread most people have probably seen at one time or another.

In many ways this kind of food is only ever seen at a party. If you like the idea of hosting your own and preparing your own food, you could do a lot worse than getting ideas from parties you have been to in the past. Some people enjoy looking for new inspiration in this way – you may be one of them.

Finger food, party food and canapés have a way of developing over time as well. Many new ideas have come up in recent times that are a far cry from any food of this type that you may remember from years ago. While you still sometimes see the famed vol au vent there are many other modern creations that are superb to see and taste. New ingredients or simply a new way of using them – these are just some of the great things you can do with food you create for a party. It’s memorable for some very good reasons.


One thought on “What is the Appeal of Party Food?

    kissmypampers said:
    April 9, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Best appeal: ITS FREE ❤

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