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burger1Burger King is a household name both in the USA and worldwide. Beginning in 1954, Burger King has expanded consistently each year. It has been bought and sold several times, moving it back and forth from a privately owned company to a publicly traded one. Currently it is privately owned by 3G Capital, a global multi-million dollar investment firm. In recent years, BK has made an effort to offer menu items that are lower in calories and foster better eating habits. One example of this is the “apple fries”, vertically cut apple pieces that are placed in a french-fry like paper container to attract children. Kids and have fruit that looks fun and different. Below are some more fun, fast facts about Burger King.

Burger King Overview

Mission Statement: BK® is committed to providing fresh quality food, signature recipes and a family dining environment at reasonable prices.

Food:  Burger King’s main staple is the flame-broiled Whopper ® which is made to order. They also offer kids’ menus, chicken sandwiches and nuggets, turkey burgers, salads, wraps, desserts and many kinds of hot and cold beverages. BK® is in collaboration with Cinnabon ® so that customers can get these delicious cinnamon buns with their breakfast.  BK offers a full breakfast menu to include traditional breakfast sandwiches and platters, along with more healthy alternatives such as oatmeal and fruit smoothies.

BK Delivers:  Unlike many of its fast food competitors, BK® now offers delivery service in many areas of the USA. Ordering is simple and the website even keeps track of your previous orders so you can just hit SUBMIT and make future orders with just one click. BK® also has special delivery deals such as four burgers, fries and drinks to make ordering for your office easy. Delivery is not yet available everywhere, but each quarter BK’s delivery area grows.

BK Crown Card:  Burger King® makes it easy to give gifts or to prepay for meals. By using a BK Crown Card®, customers can order, swipe their  Crown Card ®and they are ready to go. While many fast food restaurants allow customers to pay with an ATM card (in the USA), BK® has gone a step further and offers their own loadable card. Cards can also be managed online at the BK® web site which makes it very convenient. Thus, if you are a parent of a child or teen, it is handy to be able to ensure your child has money to eat a snack after school or with friends on the weekend.

Franchising:  Owning a BK® is not cheap, and this is not a possibility for everyone, but if you are interested in owning and operating your own Burger King® restaurant, you will need a net worth of 1.5 million dollars and $500,000 in liquidity. The franchise fee is $50,000 and you will pay a royalty fee of 4.5% each quarter. BK® will provide substantial support and training to assist you. And of course, you will benefit from name recognition and advertising done at the corporate level. If run properly, BK has a business opportunity for you that is likely to succeed.

20/20: The New BK Restaurant:  Remodels of all its 12,000 plus restaurants are in the works. The new 20/20 flashy design looks modern, contemporary and hip. The only problem is the price tag. At $500,000 per store to remodel, it is expensive. However, the design is representative of BK awareness of the future and its plans to play a large role. Many of the current BK® restaurants are old and drab looking. Further, McDonalds® has plenty of cash in its reserves and plans on spending 1 billion dollars over the next few years remodeling their restaurants.

Working Conditions:  Most people who are interested in working for Burger King® are students looking for a flexible schedule while they finish school. BK® offers these team members a 401 K savings plan, paid jury duty, limited insurance plans and an attractive rate, and 50% off meals. However, BK® also hires personnel who do not work in restaurant or “corporate” level positions. These jobs offer attractive benefits which include paid vacation time, flexible spending accounts, tuition and adoption assistance and more.

Burger King® may not be the largest burger franchise in the world, but it is an excellent alternative for people looking for good food with healthy options and a low cost. The primary difference between it and McDonalds® is that burgers are flame broiled, not fried. The allows more of a backyard BBQ taste.


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