You Are What You Eat!

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weight-lossHow I made two simple lifestyle changes & lost 4 stone in weight

I want to explain how I lost several stone in weight in just a few months because I believe there are other people out there who have almost given up hope of ever being able to get back to their normal weight again. I want to tell you that if I can do it, so can you and so can anyone else who wants to, for that matter.

I quit smoking about 18 months ago and within less than 12 months after quitting I noticed that I had put on so much weight that none of my clothes fitted me any more and I was beginning to feel quite down and depressed with myself.  I knew then that I needed to change something about my lifestyle. But what needed to change? I did not know where to begin.

I began asking friends and family members what I could do to help me lose the weight I had acquired and I was getting lots of different answers back. One person would say I should take up exercise. Another would say I needed to quit sugar in my drinks. And yet another was telling me that it was probably my thyroid that was playing up.

I now know that it was probably a mixture of all of those things, which contributed to me piling the weight on. I made a decision right there and then that I was not going to put up with this for much longer, as I wanted to lose this weight. It got so bad that my doctor even said that I was now officially classed as obese.

I knew I was gorging on rubbish food when I got hungry and this had to stop. I decided that I had to throw one of our oilcloth tablecloths onto the dinner table, and start to prepare a load of fruit instead of eating biscuits and cake at those times when I craved sugar.

This is what I done to lose the weight. I quit sugar in my hot drinks. I knew that I did drink quite a lot of teas and coffees throughout the day and if I could simply stop taking sugar in my drinks that this alone should help an enormous amount. I believe I was drinking something like eight to ten cups of coffee or tea per day and each one used to have two teaspoons of sugar in it. That’s a massive twenty teaspoons of sugar per day, just in my drinks. That equals more than 200 calories and if I quit this, it was going to be a major step.

The next thing I decided to do was to take up some form of exercise. I worked in an office and was sat at a desk on my fat backside all day so was getting very little exercise there. That was when I knew I had to take up jogging. I began jogging every other morning when I woke up and before I had breakfast. I started off by jogging just one mile a session to begin with and within a couple of months I had built it up to where every day I was completing a 5-mile run. I started to feel like I was getting my life back again.

These simple two lifestyle changes (quitting sugar and taking up exercise) helped me to lose a pile of weight. You can do it too. Never give up.

By George Peterson



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