Customer Review of Red Hot Buffet in Leeds

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red_hot_buffet_leedsThe first time I visited the Red Hot Buffet in Leeds was on my 40th birthday weekend. I was invited out for a meal with my mother and a friend of mine so I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. I had heard about this recently opened restaurant in the local press and it sounded really good. I had also seen the renovation work as it progressed at their location on the Headrow, in Leeds city center.

I met my friend and my mum in the city at around 1pm and expected almost every restaurant to be fully booked. I was thinking maybe we should have booked a table, instead of just coming into the city and hoping we will get a table. We were right to think like this. The Red Hot Buffet was fully booked with queues outside running the full length of the exterior and right around the corner, too.

We ended up having to go elsewhere because of the sheer number of people who wanted to try out this new City Restaurant.

Two weeks later, and here we were again, only this time we had booked a table. We had booked a table for four for the Saturday afternoon at approximately 2pm. Again, there were queues outside but we were given our seats right away. The interior of the restaurant was very nice. The lighting was dim and ambient. We were escorted downstairs to the main seating area. This place could seat 250 people. It was huge. We were asked if we wanted drinks and after being served with our drinks we were told we could help ourselves to anything on the menu and we could eat as much as we wanted to eat. The table was covered with fabric tablecloths so it was all very plush and comfortable.

I was hungry so that was great as far as I was concerned. The serving area was even more impressive. There was a Cantonese buffet bar, a Chinese buffet bar, an American buffet bar, a Japanese buffet bar, an English buffet bar selling roast potatoes and Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings, an Indian buffet bar and a buffet bar for almost every type of cuisine you can think of from all around the world.

This was fantastic. I went for Chinese and Japanese food for starters and then a bit of English roast beef for seconds.

Then came the desserts. Man, the desserts were amazing. Chocolate cake with Cheesecake. Chocolate sauce and Liquorice all sorts sprinkled over ice cream and fresh cream and lots of different types of jellies and cakes and other yummies. I must confess to going up for two helpings of dessert as well as two helpings of mains.

I was packed as full as I could ever be and it was so good. If you ever want a great dining experience in the Leeds area, I would highly recommend the Red Hot Buffet Restaurant in the heart if the city center. Prices are reasonable at just £8.60 per person before 4pm and £12 per person after 4PM.

By Stephen Mclean


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