Festival Food & Nutrition!

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festival_food_and_nutrition_lingolunchFinding healthy food at a festival can be as difficult as finding your tent at the end of the night. However, a little forward thinking and preparation can ensure your body gets all the goodness it needs as you party for days on end. So regardless of whether you have Creamfield tickets, available from Big Ticket Shop UK, or you’re off to Burning Man for a week, check out these simple tips to keep your body going and your energy levels at maximum!

If you’re heading to a festival for the weekend, or even longer, then it’s understandable if the boot of your car is already full of cans of cider and wet wipes. With minimal space left for food you might be tempted just to splurge on greasy over-priced festival food and negate nutrition until you’re back home on Monday morning. Fortunately, there is a selection of foods you can consider that can help!  


Nuts are of great nutritional value and don’t take up much space. Take a couple of portion sized bags and tuck into them at any point during each day. Almonds, Cashews and Brazil nuts are a great choice and will help to keep you going!


Couscous is easy to prepare and even a small portion can leave you feeling quite full. All you have to do is mix with hot water and leave for a few minutes before consuming. If you find couscous a bit tasteless then take a small amount of salt and pepper to season before you enjoy.

Snack Bars

There is a massive selection of snack bars available in the shops these days, most of which are fairly nutritious. Raw snack bars are becoming increasingly popular and are crammed full of phytonutrients, vitamins and other energy boosting minerals. Take a couple for each day that you’re away and always make sure you’ve got one in your pocket!


Might sound like an obvious one but making sure that you’re properly hydrated is essential, especially if you’re drinking a lot of alcohol. Always keep a bottle of water with you and make sure you have a supply in your tent. Buying water at a festival will more often than not be quite expensive so taking an ample supply will not only be good for your body but also for your bank balance!


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