The Student Food Experience!

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the_student_food_experience_lingolunchFor the typical student, culinary delights are difficult to come by. What’s a poor, hard working student to do when hunger strikes? Below are a few ideas for saving money and making sure that you don’t spend your entire student loan on food.

Domino’s Pizza Coupons are practically a staple in student halls across the United Kingdom as are other certain food voucher codes. Whilst pizza is not necessarily the most fat-free of items, using these price-reducing coupons can save you money on a once-weekly (or perhaps once-monthly) calorie splurge.

For those looking for a healthier food to keep them going through student poverty, there are other coupons to help. Sign up for a Nectar Card or a Tesco Clubcard and helpful money-off coupons for everything – from nutritious veggies to warming soups – are nearly instantaneously at your fingertips.

Of course, the easiest way to save money and have enough to fuel your studies is simply to buy in bulk and cook plenty of the same meal. Freezer space can be a problem, as there is never enough room for everything of yours in a shared fridge, but careful planning can help students to make bulk meals and save money.

Another recommended idea is to share meal-making duties with a friend. Housemates who cook together can reduce food wastage and save pennies. House meals can also serve as bonding time for groups who have been arbitrarily thrown together, and can reduce the amount of food-stealing issues that may occur!

Going out for meals can feel like an unjustifiable luxury, but with a bit of searching and some canny deals it doesn’t have to be. Students can take advantage of glamorous meals made affordable with group buying websites such as Groupon, making a three course meal with Champagne a little bit easier on the wallet or purse. Another website to check out is Lastminute, which often has a “Restaurant Week” which gives foodie deals at very low prices.

For the more foodie student, keep an eye out for writing opportunities for local newspapers and magazines, or even the student newspaper at your university or college. Becoming a food critic can lead to some delicious free meals and a great evening out for two on the cheap. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even find your calling as a foodie writer!

In the end, it’s very simple: with some sensible balancing and some crafty searching, students can definitely have their cake and eat it.


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