Haveli – A Cultural Bonanza

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Haveli JalandharBeing a Punjabi, I had heard of the famous Haveli chain of restaurants in Punjab, Haveli Jalandhar being one of the highlights.  On my much-awaited visit I was pleased to see that the hype was well justified. The place has artistically depicted nuances of Punjab and the food is just beyond words! The place is a true representation of the culture and hospitality of Punjab. However in my 2-3 visits to Haveli, I had never really gone to the Buffet section named “Rangla Punjab.” I always thought that I had seen Haveli completely, but after my recent visit, I discovered a whole to dimension to the place aptly named Ragla Punjab. It completely fascinated me; making me feel like a child!

The décor at Haveli Heritage depicts a typical Punjabi Village, highlighting every aspect needed to familiarise the guest with the true culture of the olden times. You will find various sculptures of Punjabis engaged in different acts viz. weaving, dancing, playing marbles, fetching water etc. In the centre foyer the well- water fetching mechanism is demonstrated with the help of a real bull & a mock-up well. There are sections of the place dedicated to re-creating replicas of a subedaar’s house, a kitchen with brass vessels, jeweller’s store and a mock-up model of a village allowing the guests to get a real glimpse of that era.

As the day descends, the décor comes alive with live performances and fun stalls, giving you a glimpse into an authentic Punjabi Mela.  Every corner of the place is active with something or the other. There are performances of Bhangra, Gidda & street plays. One can witness live weaving and try a hand at pottery & making savvaiya! There are numerous fun stalls viz. magic shows, puppetry, astrology, bioscope etc. There are fun games and rides for children that include marbles, langdi & camel rides.

The Buffet served in-doors will re-enforce the belief of Punjab’s adored Hospitality. The staff treats every guest as a valued invitee offering delicacies time and again. The food is just delicious cooked in pure desi ghyo. The staff members are dressed in typical Punjabi attire and personally ensure that every guest has a good time!

This place is a must visit & will surely stay with you for a lifetime!


Satish Jain started Haveli in 2001, as an effort to keep the rich culture of Punjab Alive for generations to come. Haveli is currently in Jalandhar (Punjab) and Murthal (Haryana) with Amritsar being a near future venture. Haveli has taken the concept of themed restaurants to another level!



One thought on “Haveli – A Cultural Bonanza

    **Small Town Girl** said:
    September 19, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Great post! I always make sure I stop by Haveli whenever I’m in Jalandhar… the food and entertainment is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered in Punjab.

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