Candies to Make at Home!

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Rare is the person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth—just about everyone has succumbed to the siren song of candy at one point or another. And the sugar lust isn’t limited to European countries or the United States. Whether it’s preserved and candied fruits from Asia or dulce de leche from Latin American countries or Turkish delights from the Middle East, almost every culture in the world has some sort of sweet treat. However, even though we love the sweet stuff, most of us are afraid to make it at home. We think it’s too complicated, or uses too many ingredients we’ve never heard of (much less know where to buy), or too scary with the high temperatures and temperamental timing. Yet making candy at home shouldn’t be a terrifying proposition. Whether you want to create a fun hostess gift or bring something different to the latest bake sale, homemade candy can be simple, easy, and fun. Added bonus: you have more control over the quality of the ingredients, so usually the confections are healthier (or at least has fewer unpronounceable chemicals).

Candyland has nothing on the sweet recipes in this infographic by Candy Concept Inc. Follow this sugar coated path and soon your kitchen will be a sweet wonderland that rivals Willy Wonka’s factory.


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