How to be a Great Line Cook!

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If you have a passion for cooking and you like making delicious food which the whole family could enjoy, why not choose a profession as a line cook. True the hours are long, and you don’t get paid very much, but to all that is worth it is still a great way to be close to the thing you love the most.

Know Your Kitchen
Know Your Kitchen

The biggest mistake newbie cooks make when they first start working on the line is to focus more on what everyone else is doing, rather than to explore things on their own. The kitchen is like a living, breathing food factory. Thus the best thing you can hope to do on your first day of working in a kitchen is to know where everything comes and goes: meat, vegetables, spices, cutlery… You have to be able to walk through the kitchen with your eyes closed, because trust me when I say this, you will be running all over the place at one time or another.

Study The Menu
Study The Menu

Even hamburgers have their specific spices and ingredients. At first it would be difficult to memorize all the stuff you’d be cooking, much less the steps necessary to prepare the meal. Be vigilant, mindful and inquisitive. No one is expecting from you to get everything right the first time you get behind the line. Have patience and everything will sort itself out.

Listen to Authority

If you work in a small to medium size kitchen, chances are that you are going to have a direct supervisor. It might be the chef or some other cook with experience. Listen to every word he tells you, for this kind of information could either make you or break you as a professional line cook. The more you know about the cooking process the bigger chances are that people would like your cooking. Don’t be all-knowing and arrogant around authority figures; nod you head politely even if you already know the subject matter by heart.

Keep it Clean
Keep it Clean

At first you are going to be amazed by how fast everyone moves around you. Do not try to imitate them, for I can promise you that the only thing you’ll end up doing is embarrass yourself. These people did not become fast by screwing around. Experience is what gives the cook both his skills and his speed. When preparing a dish, always make sure that it looks good before you ring the waitress. It should look aesthetically appealing, and by rushing things you can mess up royal. Be quick, be efficient but most importantly – serve food which you would like to see being served to you.


Author Bio: Margaret Donney’s big love is cooking and inventing new recipes. This makes her really happy. She is working for carpet clean in Acton and she is really happy to have that kind of job.






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