Three Food Dates that will Tickle Your Palate

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Going out on a date should not be restricted to a fancy candlelit dinner or a specially prepared meal for two. Going on a date where you enjoy eating and drinking with your lover is possible without those two options mentioned earlier. Take the alternative route with these three food dates to tickle your palate:

Wine and beer tours

Wine and beer drinkers will definitely find this tour an experience like no other. Most breweries offer exclusive wine and beer tours which may include an informative guide to the history of these drinks and how both are made. Expect to taste a variety of drinks in this tour, but be careful not to get drunk while at it. The next time you are out with your significant other, both of you can finally make more adventurous choices with the knowledge that has been imparted to you by the brewery experts.

Lunch cruises

Embarking on a cruise ship is a luxurious experience. This ship is used for pleasure voyages, usually equipped with amenities that passengers can enjoy such as bars, casinos, and even movie theatres. The typical cruise takes days, even weeks or months, making it a perfect choice for honeymooners. Not all cruise ships have definite destinations even with the given time frame. In fact, most cruise ships make round trips in the ocean, only to end up at the same port.

If you are short on time, consider a lunch cruise instead. Not only is this kind of cruise lighter in terms of budget, it also does not take that much time. Most lunch cruises take two to three hours. These cruise services offer a variety of options for couples and even big groups, from personalized meals down to the background music while dining. Most of these lunch cruises also double as a tour in a particular area for an experience like no other. In Europe, for instance, there are lunch cruises that ends at the Eiffel Tower.

Sushi making classes

Japanese cuisine is arguably one of the most interesting cuisines out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to try your hand in making Japanese food, specifically sushi? Sushi looks easy to make but in reality it is almost an art form – discipline and creativity comes with each roll. There are plenty of sushi making classes hosted by culinary academies and even Japanese restaurants.

A sushi making course usually covers a little bit of Japanese culinary history and the skills that come with preparing and presenting these bite-sized, flavourful rolls. Some courses even go the distance by teaching how to make their own sauces and maintaining the tools used in cooking and preparation.

Dates have long been associated with eating a meal, however it does not mean that you need always have a table setting in order for it to be considered a real date. Break the norms of dating without having to miss out on the joys of dining together with these activities that will definitely reignite the spark between couples.


Written by Katie Garbett, a personal shopping assistant and freelance writer. She enjoys sharing experiences and insights on various blogs.


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