German Street Food

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We all know what street food can mean – dodgy pad thai’s on the Koh San Road, warm sushi rolls on the streets of Sydney, hot dogs in New York – in Hamburg – it is the curry wurst. They call it the comfort food – something you can grab fast from the street on your way to work, after a night out or in your lunch break. I have an American friend who goes to Germany – I’m sure – entirely because of the currywurst.

So if you ever wonder how to make this delicious dish here’s how –

Acquire a few polish sausages or knockwursts. The knockwurst is particularly good because it’s well smoked, seasoned and contains veal, pork and garlic. Then when you’ve got the sausages stick them in a pre-heated oven and start making the curry sauce.

The curry sauce is quite simply tomato sauce cooked with onions, paprika and a lot of curry powder to give it that thick lovely taste. Here is how to make it:

Get a large saucepan and empty three or two cans of tomato sauce in it. Stir some chili sauce, onion salt, sugar and pepper in it. Let it simmer down, stirring it occasionally and bringing it to a gentle boil. So that is your sauce ready. The sausages should already be ready by that time.

The next steps are quite simple. Cut the sausages up into little pieces and pour sauce over, topping with more curry powder and adding a little brotchen (bread in the German language) to soak up the sauce.

Then it is all you. Enjoy this beast!


One thought on “German Street Food

    cindy knoke said:
    December 29, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Oh yum!

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