Swahili Cuisine – What to Expect!

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swahili cuisine - what to expect! lingolunchThe Swahili language speaking people of East Africa aren’t always a people that are always famed for their cuisine. However if you take a little time to explore the country and sample some local delights then you could easily find something to excite your appetite. The Swahili cuisine in general takes lots of different influences from other cultures, such as Europeans, Arabs and Indians.

Due to various religious attitudes, some dishes are often altered to meet requirements and beliefs. For example many people will substitute the meat in a pork dish for something else s there is a huge Muslim community in East Africa. The food types that are often used in everyday cooking without restriction are things like fruits, fish and many, many spices.

Although the influences of Swahili cuisine aren’t known in excess around the western world, it is still possible to find some translated versions of the recipes in the English language. As tourism in Africa becomes an option that many more people explore, so too do the capabilities of sharing aspects of the different cultures on a global scale. As this fact continues to evolve, so too does the amount of people outside of East Africa eating, sharing and loving Swahili dishes.

If you want to know more about Swahili culture and cuisine then check out these websites for a wealth of information!


Swahili Experience


Taste of Tanzani



One thought on “Swahili Cuisine – What to Expect!

    Lissa Rabon said:
    January 7, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    I brought a lot of new food loves home with me after several trips to kenya and tanzania. Great post and thanks for following my blog!

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