Beautiful Burmese Pancakes!

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On a trip to Burma a few years ago I met some of the local people in a small village near the Thai border. Although my skills when it comes to the Burmese language leave a lot to be desired, I found the locals were still eager to talk to me and try to exchange ideas and stories. One thing I love about Burma is, even if you can’t speak the language and can’t understand a single word of the dialect that is being spoken, then you can still make friends by simply making an effort to interact with people.

Whilst on my trip I was given many of the local dishes to sample and even shown how to cook some. One of my absolute favourites was folded pancakes with coconut and red beans. This is a great meal for anybody with a sweet tooth and since arriving back in the UK I have made it myself for my family and friends – although it never tastes quite as good as the first one I tried I Burma! Fortunately all of the ingredients can be bought in this little Chinese shop not far from where I work but it’s of course not the same as being back in Asia!

In case you want to try and make this dish yourself the the ingredients for coconut and red bean pancakes are as followed:-

160g self raising flour
80g rice flour
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
2 tablespoons sugar
100ml coconut milk
300ml water
oil for frying

And for the filling you will need:-

200g sweetened red (azuki) beans
80g fresh grated coconut
a pinch of salt

Now to make this tasty treat all you have to do is mix all of the pancake ingredients up in a mixing dish and then add the coconut and water. Keep stirring it until it becomes a runny batter and then leave it for a few hours. When you come back to it, put some oil in a pan and then pop the batter in, make sure the batter covers the base of the pan and then leave it on the heat for a few minutes. Then you can place the red beans and the grated coconut with a pinch of salt onto the batter. Once it is cooked you can remove it from the pan and eat it whilst warm. Delicious!


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