The Low Down on French Cuisine!

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For those of us who aren’t too familiar with French cuisine, the first things that may immediately come to mind are snails and frogs, which probably don’t sound too appealing. However if you search outside of this stereotype then you could soon discover a whole new world of edible treats to please your pallet. Cheese and wine have historically been a major aspect of French food and have enjoyed continued popularity as a dish over the decades.

The traditional cuisine of the French has evolved over the past few centuries, coming from the Middle Ages into the present day. As the years have passed, chefs have experimented with treats from around the globe and other countries have influenced the methods and ingredients used. French translation services are wholly responsible for these mouth watering recipes being readily available in a multitude of languages, a fact that is revered by all lovers of dishes from the country.

A typical meal in France will consist of three courses. First there is hors d’oeuvre, also known as the entrée, which is the introductory course and is usually a soup. Secondly comes the plat principal which is the most substantial of the three and the main course, then finally comes the fromage which is the dessert. It is not uncommon for a salad to be served before the dessert, however it is considered to be part of the same course.

Soup is the most popular hors d’oeuvre and there are a massive selection of recipes for this dish; a common alternative to soup is foie gras or some kind of terrine. When it comes to the plat principal there are of course countless options depending on your tastes and preferences. One of the most popular French dishes for this course is pommes frites, which translated is steak and chips. Many people choose to have a baguette and a selection of cheeses with their plat principal, depending of course on how hungry they are. When it comes to the fromage, or dessert, there is a huge selection of pastries, mousses and other sweet treats to pick from.

Whichever combination of dishes you decide on you can be assured that any traditional French meal will leave you satisfied for hours and possibly popping the top button on your jeans!


One thought on “The Low Down on French Cuisine!

    beatrice hendon said:
    May 27, 2013 at 4:05 am

    I love french cuisine and its good to know how french translation make it more interesting. Keep on posting.

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