Taste a Treat in Tanzania

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Tanzania is a country with a long and varied history when it comes to their food. Currently the staple diet enjoyed by the people of Tanzania ranges from fruits and vegetables to dairy and meat products, however jump back a few hundred years and things were very different. Historically, fish, pilay and citrus fruits made up the popular cuisine with cassava and ground nuts being introduced by the Portuguese. The traditional cuisine also varies from place to place as you travel through Tanzania, with those on the coast typically choosing rice and fish cooked in coconut milk.

The recipes that have originated in Tanzania can be found around the world thanks to Swahili translation services and are enjoyed by many. Some popular dishes include Swahili beans, known locally as ‘Maharage ya nazi’, a gorgeous combination of kidney beans and coconut milk with onions and tomatoes. Swahili beans are delicious to eat with any other dish or also just all on their own. Another favourite, especially amongst the meat lovers, is green bananas and ox tail. This is an incredibly tasty dish that can be easily made with normal bananas. For those with more conventional tastes, but still with a craving for flavour, there is the Tanzanian simple beef stew. This dish brings together hearty vegetables and succulent beef pieces with a touch of garlic and coriander. The simple beef stew is enough to get anyone salivating and is a very popular meal throughout Tanzania.

If you are travelling to Africa instead of attempting to cook these dishes in your own kitchen, then you are truly in for a treat. With their age old cooking methods and massive array of spices and flavours, the people of the country really know how to satisfy your appetite. Whatever kind of holiday you are into, be it searching for wildlife, visiting historical hotspots or just discovering new cultures, Tanzania has something for you. Get to Africa this summer, I guarantee your taste buds will thank you!


One thought on “Taste a Treat in Tanzania

    tito travels said:
    October 12, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Hmmm, I wish the food was as tasty and succulent as you describe!

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