The Dilemma of What to Order

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These days everyone is more or less traveling, even if you are staying at home then you  will probably visit an ethnic restaurant.  When it comes to ordering, the fact that you know almost nothing about what kind of food they serve is not helpful to you at all. Usually we always tend to order the same things that we have already tried or at least heard about, what a shame! Of course you can’t hire a Translation Agency to translate your menu or help you decide what to order, but there are many ways for you to make the right choice and look like a real traveler in front of your friends.

Like General Sun Tzu said in his treatise “The Art of The War”, you have to know your enemy, and the best way is of course to Google it! Do some research and you will easily find the menu of the restaurant you are planning to go to or maybe another menu of a different restaurant that has the same kind of cuisine. With just a quick look you can start thinking of what kind of dishes they prepare and thanks to the customer reviews you can also individuate their points of strength and weakness. Within a couple of minutes you will have enough information to understand what kind of food you might like. You can also discover what ingredients are used and, for the more cautious diner, even an approximate estimate of the cost of your entire meal.

A different situation will occur if you are traveling around the world. When you are visiting another country you usually just walk around the most touristic (and sometimes more safe) areas and you will find more or less the same kind of food that is served everywhere, you can even get translated menus. But if your need for adventure is pushing you in more unexplored directions then there is nothing better than the local food to get in touch with different cultures. There are many guides that provide nice information about local food and traditions and they are really interesting from a customs point of view. In fact our bon-ton is completely different to other countries, nevertheless, if you are so lucky as to find yourself in close contact with the local community then my advice is always the same – smile, try everything and leave all your previous knowledge behind you to enjoy a genuine once in a life time experience.


One thought on “The Dilemma of What to Order

    Jess said:
    January 30, 2013 at 6:53 am

    ❤ Loved your post, Im always up for trying new foods, though it is harder for me now lol hope you don't mind if I use your picture for one of my posts.

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